General Infrastructure

Our Graduate Program activities are part of the Centro de Educação e Ciências Humanas-CECH (College of Education and Human Sciences), which is located in the southern area of the São Carlos campus of UFSCar. This college houses ten (10) departments and thirteen (13) graduate programs, which creates an environment that is beneficial to innovative research programs and contributes to a more comprehensive learning experience for our graduate students.

Our Graduate Program in Psychology occupies a number of buildings that are part of the CECH complex: an auditorium with 90 seats, equipped with multimedia, projector, microphones, and both acoustic and climate control systems. As professors of the Psychology Department, PPGPsi faculty members use a total area of 1,027.1 m2, including an office for our staff (20 m2), office space (190 m2), laboratories (approximately 937,3 m2), a second auditorium (36 m2 with seating capacity for 40 people), equipped with air conditioning and multimedia and projection devices, and a building for community services/projects (150 m2), for training undergraduate Psychology students. The Graduate Program in Psychology also shares areas with the Graduate Program in Special Education, including a classroom and a room for graduate student defenses.

Internet access is available for professors, students, and staff. An intranet service network (PROPGWEB) is provided for the management of graduate students’ academic records, students’ enrollment in classes and posting grades.

The UFSCar São Carlos campus provides medical and dentistry emergency services, social and psychological assistance, a student cafeteria, a restaurant, banking services, food and document management services for students, faculty and staff.

Our library is a national reference as a result of efforts to create a modern research and academic environment that is open to both the external and internal communities. In addition, UFSCar has a publisher, EDUFSCar, which has funds to support publishing books and other teaching materials, as well as a store to distribute academic books.